Since the development of ultrasonic cleaning, Branson Ultrasonics has been the leader in ultrasonic cleaning technology. Their constant development and innovations have kept them on the forefront in the industry. Branson tabletop ultrasonic cleaners are built to the highest standard and are equipped with industrial piezoelectric transducers utilizing sweep frequency technology. Branson ultrasonic tabletop cleaners are a standard in the Dental and Medical fields for cleaning surgical instruments. Many other industries benefit from ultrasonic cleaning technology. Automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries have utilized ultrasonic cleaning as a main process during fabrication and repair and maintenance. With ultrasonic cleaners ranging from 1 pint capacity up through 10 gallons, Branson tabletop ultrasonic cleaners can handle a large number of applications with a low cost budget and without taking up precious floor space.

Industrial Cleaners

Branson ultrasonic generators provide the power and sweep control required for ultrasonic cleaning, with a wide range of frequencies to meet your cleaning needs. The S8300 series offers frequencies from as low as 25kHz–40kHz for machanical and machined items like automotive parts or aerospace engines.

Ultrasonic tanks are the cornerstone of any ultrasonic system. Branson makes standard stainless steel ultrasonic tanks ranging from 5 gallons to 50 gallons. Standard features include bottom-mounted positive drain connection and fully shielded internal components. Options include a stainless steel basket for parts handling, a stainless steel tank cover and filter/recirculation packages.

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