Aluminum Foil Test Instructions

Aluminum Foil Test

To ensure the ultrasonic cleaner is sonicating & cleaning properly, an empirical way to check is with an aluminum foil test. These are the steps to perform this test:

• Remove the basket & any other instruments from the tank.

• Have the unit running with detergent at the fill line for at least 30 minutes to ensure that the unit is properly degassed and running optimally.

• Cut a piece of aluminum foil to about 4-5″ x 4-5″

• Have a timer set for exactly 3 minutes (wall clock, watch, ect.)

• Completely submerge the aluminum foil so that it is not touching the bottom of the tank – do not use your hand! A coat hanger works fine to keep the tin foil suspended within the unit.

• After exactly 3 minutes, remove the aluminum foil.

• The foil should have pock marks or dimpling. It may also have holes in it, but the dimples are more important. This shows the sonic action is strong.

If there is little to no dimpling on the aluminum foil, it is safe to assume the unit failed. There may be a problem with one or more of the unit components such as the tank, or printed circuit board. If the unit fails, it is not functioning/ cleaning as it should and may need repair.

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