Continuous Flow Attachment Stainless Steel

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This temperature-controlled chamber permits continuous processing of a flowing liquid through a high-intensity ultrasonic field.

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The stainless steel, in-line continuous flow cell uniformly processes low-viscosity solutions at rates up to 10 GPH (38 LPH). It can be used to emulsify, disperse, and homogenize by pumping a solution through a zone of intense ultrasonic activity. The degree of processing is controlled by varying the amplitude of the ultrasonic horn and the flow rate. Some solutions may require recirculating until the desired results are obtained. The continuous flow attachment incorporates a cooling jacket through which a suitable cooling liquid can be circulated to retard heat build-up during extended operation. The attachment may also be sealed in a closed system to assure sterile conditions and inhibit contamination when working with infectious materials.

Typical Applications

• Production of vaccines and antigens • Emulsification of immiscible liquids (with or w/o surfactants)

• Removal of cell walls

• Dispersing metal oxides in solvents

Usage Procedures:

To use your Branson continuous flow attachment:

1. Gently screw the clean continuous flow attachment onto the threaded disruptor horn (compress neoprene “O” rings to engage threads) until horn tip touches the orifice disc. Caution: Horn tip can damage the orifice disc if components are screwed too tightly together.

2. When horn tip is in contact with the disc, unscrew one complete turn. Each complete revolution increases or decreases the distance of the horn tip from the orifice by 0.30” (0.762 mm). As a result, flow rates can be controlled and reset when needed. The smaller the distance between the tip and the disc, the slower the flow rate and the more intense the disruption, and vice versa.

3. Clamp the continuous flow attachment to a suitable stand and use appropriate input/output connectors

4. A gravity method or pump can be used to drive the solution through the continuous flow attachment. Before beginning flow, set the timer to hold, the duty cycle to constant, and select the desired power setting. Turn on the Sonifier unit and immediately begin flow. You may want to discard first part of solution if it is not fully processed. If using a gravity flow method, be sure to turn the Sonifier off as soon as flow has stopped. To prevent overheating, always avoid operating the Sonifier cell disruptor for more than a few seconds without liquid moving through the attachment.

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