For over 35 years, we have worked directly with Branson Ultrasonics Corporation. Master Sonics origins are in circuitry design, development and production. Our relationship with Branson began when we designed the digital display circuitry for the early Bransonic x200 series in the early 1980’s. At that time, we also commenced manufacturing this technology for Branson. The success of that endeavor allowed us to continue developing technology for Branson. Ten years later, we expanded by building our repair and distribution center. Today, Master Sonics is an unmatched ultrasonic cleaning resource center.

If you are undecided if ultrasonic cleaning would address your specific needs, we welcome you to contact us for a FREE consultation.  When given information on what capacity you are considering ultrasonic cleaning, we can test your application, make recommendations and ultimately devise a system that will suit your needs. We want to be sure you are procuring the correct equipment for whatever application you will be using.

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